Announcing the Winners of the Online Open Mic Sessions!

Hello supporters of Life Inside Out! We are very pleased to announce the winners of our Online Open Mic Sessions! Votes are in and tallied! Here are the lucky winners!

1. Wildcard - Andrew Calvo - Belle Louise
2. Rock/Indie - Emily Jaye - Firecracker  
3. Screamo - Fleepus - White Flag
4. Dub Step - The Cafe Disco - BPM
5. Country/Singer Songwriter -Yvonne Meek - 
Until Today


Congratulations to our winners and thanks again to all of the great artists that submitted songs to our open mic! Stay tuned for more updates as we proceed into production!



David Goldberg


Life Inside Out the Movie

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Voting is On (again) - Deadline Midnight Sun. July 22nd

Hello Kickstarter Backers!!!

First of all, we thank you so much for your patience in this matter! We have spent several days addressing the glitches with the music site in regard to the categories. The songs all seem to be showing up now which means it should simplify things a bit. We really hope so!! We really appreciate you taking the time to support the wonderful artists who have submitted their music! 

So, the voting is now open again and will remain open throughout the weekend until this Sunday the 22nd at Midnight (Pacific Time)  

PS If you have already voted and are happy with your vote, no need to vote again. If you would prefer to revote, then just resubmit your votes and will discount your originals.

Once again, thank you so much for waiting and your understanding!

$1 backers - choose one song in any category.

All others, choose one song in each category.

1. Choose the song(s) you’re voting for (you can search by categories on the right hand side of the page) 

2. Note the title and the artist 

3. Go to

4. Fill out the form. Press submit.

     * your username is the one you used for Kickstarter which appears on our backer page

5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each category.

6. Deadline for voting is Midnight (Pacific time) Sunday the 22nd

 Can’t wait to hear what you choose! Thank you so much!!

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What would this movie be without a little post-beat poetry? 
Sometimes your lyrics turn into something else, like this piece that turned out to examine the idea that coming apart can make you whole. If only Humpty Dumpty knew."—Pat Troise

I wrote Supermoon the night that the moon was supposed to get as close as it ever will. And I didn’t believe it. Question authority, always. Always.”—Pat Troise

A very personal song, my anthem. i’ve only been playing for three years in August and it is all I ever want to do. Music has become everything I care about or want or dream. And I don’t want it to end. Ever.”—Pat Troise

"This is an insomniac’s lullaby, a kind of counting or accounting of things that are on your mind when you can’t sleep. Which is very different than thinking about boring things that will put you to sleep, right? It’s just a rough thing that I did with garage band but this project speaks to me and so I’m submitting some stuff."—Pat Troise

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Rob Roper
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Apollo's Little Bastard
Plays: 40

Sometimes when people try to follow their dreams, they get no encouragement from their friends and family, but rather active discouragement, even ridicule. And you don’t know anyone to turn to for advice and encouragement. You start doubting yourself. But some inner force keeps pushing you.”—Rob Roper

it’s a song of hope for a couple who had been struggling in their relationship”—Yvonne Meek